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We are curious about the world!

We are curious about the countries around the Baltic Sea – hey, we live right in the middle of the Baltic Sea – and believe that this area has a huge potential. In the beginning of 2011 Åsa had the pleasure of being invited by the Estonian Embassy, to visit a couple of companies in Estonia. It was a great trip! Yoga Systems and Garage48 are two companies that impressed a lot!

We fell in love with Apple 1989 but as time went by, Silicon Valley has turned into a real creativity magnet that attracts inventors, investors and developers from the whole world. Of course we have to follow California and US to remain up to date about the latest news. We think that it’s important to keep up to date with the latest development in both market communication, digital tech, internet and social media because that’s what we work with. We get inspired by the enchanter Guy Kawasaki, the lawyer and social media enthusiast Mitch Jackson, the authors Chris Brogan and Julien Smith. With mentioning Julien, we have crossed the border to Canada where the fun and skilled illustrator and blogger JC Little lives.

We have friends in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Australia, Israel and sometimes we hire programmers from Pakistan. It’s a small world but so rich with humans and creativity!

Interested in hiring us?

We have done our first job for a company in US, California: a website for Bender Optometric Group. It was a new challenge for us, but with a lot of good energy and a couple of new things to learn.

Why should an Optometric like Dr Eric Bender hire a small Swedish company on the island of Gotland, to do his website? If you asked me before we got this job, if I could think of what kind of jobs we would be able to get from California, I had been sure that setting up a website for a company over there wasn’t such a job. Fortunately, I changed my mind… My earlier experience says that one of the most important things when you work with marketing and communication would be to know the market and the target. Then we did this job and I changed my mind.

Today I think of it more like do it from your heart and people will recognize that you care. I still think that it would be a lot harder to do a job like this for a company in a country that differs more from the Swedish culture – but I’m prepared to change my mind about that too. People around the world share so many cultural creations today. We watch the same movies, dance to the same music and read the same books. We can find others with the same interests at many different places in the world. If those people like the websites that we do, well, then we could probably do a website for them too.

We have to trust our customer in this. The customer knows the market and the target for a website.

During 2015 I started to write copy texts in English about technic subjects and I asked an engineer and pilot in Fremont, California to help me, Scott Murray. We did a couple of jobs together with great success. Unfortunately, Scott died unexpected in June 2016 and I miss him a lot. Fortunately I found another man with technical competence who enjoys writing, Malcolm Manness, from Portland, Oregon.

Maybe you should hire Stenströms? We offer services in market planning, creative processing, copywriting, graphic design and web design. We also work with branding, social media and media training. We will be happy to give you an offer!

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