Get inspired by Guy Kawasaki


Nowadays most people are aware of the need to work with your brand, but how do you do that? Guy Kawasaki is a man who has worked a lot with branding. This slideshow is a simple overview of how to work with your brand. Nothing strange, just simple cleverness. It doesn’t have to be more complicated than this when Guy explains.

He tells a little bit more about each slide on Linkedin.

I learned to known about Guy Kawasaki during the late 80’s since I am an Apple fan and for a period Guy was Apple’s Chief Evangelist. I have read his book The Macintosh Way which is about that time and it caused many smiles of recognition, since I was part of that history as being one of many Apple users. If you want to read the book it’s available as a free pdf.


Later I read the book Enchantment which is about how to enchant your customers. Something that I like about Guy is that his message is never about forcing one’s offer upon people, on the contrary, the goal is to make people so excited that they really long to buy what you offer. I like when people come to buy with their own free will.

I’m impressed by his constantly kind attitude. I have written e-mails to him a couple of times and he has answered most of them. He even answers in a way that proves he has read what I wrote. How many celebrities do that?

In conclusion of this blog tribute I give you a TED speech with Guy, The Art of Innovation. Enjoy!